Interactive installation


WTF IS THIS // INTRO An intersectional relationship between the past and present of identity with the future identities relevant to those associated with xenofeminism. Ph0niC, formed by combining phallic and yonic… representing unity and fluidity….the word phonic also references speech...speech is also very fluid :)) it is always changing and is a reflection of culture.


Taken from Laboria Cuboniks. An artificial reality clearly created by descendents of humans. Familiarity of the form you assume, looks like what those pathetic creaturez used to hump each other with…….. They must have gotten tired of fucking each other. Fukking up “nature” (aka the fire and water elementz) coming 2gether to destroy,,,, but there’s nothing to destroy because everything is already gone in the void of space lolz. Identity don’t matter in space.

STAGE 2 // GTFO!!!!!!

It’s simple as fuck to step outside of your own mental constraints in regards to identity…...just hold down the joystick in any direction :)


The phallic and yonic formz,,,,, historically misunderstood to be associated with gender..,, the only way to destruct that barbaric mindset is to chop up those all important relics…


The table, a lo-fi descendant of the hi-fi reality inside of the video game. A hierarchy physically manifesting itself of human evolution…. The post-human, post-gender, post-sex world inside of the game, the electronic CRT monitor, the floppy disks, all on top of wooden sawhorses. The wooden sawhorses, wood being one of humans’ first materials to conquer, supporting the evolution of material and technology above it….ultimately leading up to the conquering of artificial realities for a post-human, post-gender, post-sex world to be fully realized….


The chair, a relic of the “young horny boy.” The sock covering the joystick, referencing the cultural phenomena of ejaculating into socks. Viewers get their own experience of the phallic joystick as the controls necessary to interact with the game are under the sock and thus the sock must be peeled back, functioning like foreskin. The quilted fabric draped around the chair and underneath of the sock references the “young horny boy” ’s bed, there for the function of supporting the “boy” while he plays with his joystick. Strings used to sew parts of the quilt left exposed,,,,,showing that there is a collection of cum strings that are there/were there.

have fun hehe

hugs n kisses xoxo