Photography series (20 photos) // 2018

Sexual is a broad term that does not strictly associate with the performance of sexual acts; being a sexual person can be as simple as doing what makes you feel beautiful, with no interest in partaking in intercourse. Hypersexual, however, refers to the obsessive pursuit of sex, excessive masturbation, objectified partner sex, and preoccupation with sexual fantasies.

FloridaPussyboi is a performative photographic series examining queer sexuality in Gainesville and surroundings.The series entailed creating an online persona; FloridaPussyboi, on the gay networking app Grindr, which utilizes location as means of connecting interested parties. FloridaPussyboi was inspired by the persona of a pussyboy, “an extremely submissive faggot that wants to get aggressively used and fucked up the ass and often refers to his asshole as a cunt or pussy.” While the character was online, they would partake in the hypersexual cyber culture by chatting with men about their desires, exchanging nude photographs, etc. The overall project serves as a self-portrait and archive of the current state of the hypersexuality of cyber queerness.

Messages from the course of the weeklong performance were recorded and then refined to the ones shown in the series. The photographs include those which were taken for the intention of distributing them throughout the conversations as well as photographs that are a performative reenactment of the men’s desires. Messages accompany each photo and serve as a title, contextualization element of the photograph, and documentation of the online performance.

The series exists primarily on the queer plane - a dimension of reality focused on “disrupting the dominant norms and dis-identify sociocultural phenomena. It is provocative, experimental, and suspicious.” The character is costumed flamboyantly, using highly reflective shoes, glitter, pom poms, plastics, rubbers, textured fabrics, etc. By pushing the flamboyance of the character was to create the epitome of a “pussyboy.”