R    S     N
O Y E    O
D U S  F M
E R E    A
N           L

Broaden Your Sense of Normal is a collaborative project by Mila Gajić and John 'Feeshy' Walker. The project reflects on the Gen Z experience of growing up amidst the school shooting epidemic. The duo intertwine experience, fiction, game culture, internet culture, and post-irony to explores themes of denialism, hopelessness, desensitization, social isolation, survivor’s guilt, inactivity, and persecutory delusion.

The series overall analyzes the pysche of America's youth as they navigates communal gloom, the mass sense of hopelessness, persecutory delusion, and/or denialism. Rather than focusing on the act of shooting, the duo turns their attention to the mental and sociocultural effects that have resulted from school shooting culture. What are the effects of having to be constantly aware of your surroundings or afraid of your peers? How has post-irony been used as a coping mechanism in dealing with this culture?

The pair utilize storytelling as a means of communicating their ideas. Through developing characters and worlds, they intertwine experience, fiction, game culture, and internet meme culture to create works that are portraits of the psyche of America's youth in the form of short films, sculptures, 2D and 3D prints, and games. In this way, they utilize characters and worlds as avatars to create larger reflections of contemporary issues, societal behaviors, and individual experiences.

Mila Gajić + John 'Feeshy' Walker ..... 2/07 - 2/21, 4Most Gallery. GNV, FL