Transnatural, 2019
curated exhibition featuring work by John 'Feeshy' Walker, Palmer Crippen, Jennifer McCloskey, and Yasmeen Shaban. Link to exhibition page.
Collaborative collage between John, Jennifer, and Palmer
'Jerry" suspended on cubicle corners with iPad on the Ficial website
collaboration between John + Palmer
Collaboration between John + Palmer
Installation shot
'Floating Wetlands' by Jennifer McCloskey
'Ficial Coffee Table' in front of 'Stick Figs Dancing' by John.
who's that stick figgy in the window?
Installation shot
Ficial (waiting room), 2019
site specific installation
Installation shot
Ascended Group #1
Interactive drawings hung on cubicle walls
Coffee table
Brochure front
Brochure half open
Brochure full open
Brochure back
Ficial for Kids website
Ficial homepage
A Four Dimensional Space or 4D Space, 2018
VR simulation
VR installation
Viewer in installation
Viewer enjoying their time in installation
Little boat made with the artist and their father at age 6
Closeup of mesh detail
Triptych, 2017
short film
A Desperate Resurrection of Childhood, 2018
Performance attire
Boat lighting
Boat on fire
DL & Freckled, 2018
sweat or tears? LOL!, 2019
3D model assemblage
PISSD_MYSLF.03, 2018
se+po, 2017
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