All My Marbles are Lost, 2019

Made in collaboration with Mila Gajić as a part of the Broaden Your Sense of Normal project
4k single channel video (3D animation, motion tracking animation, online performance screen capture)



All My Marbles are Lost follows Mr. Matthews, the current principal of Schoofl High School, through a normal day at work. His day includes arriving to school at 6 am sharp, taking a dip in the school pool before the 0 students that attend Schoofl arrive for class, visiting Mrs. Matthews, his computer science teaching wife, and actively avoiding the irrational fear of dying at Schoofl through the power of dance. The video examines denialism, social isolation, inactivity in the age of desensitization, and survivor's guilt. In the end, Mr. Matthews breaks down from his immense guild and "loses his marbles."