Broaden Your Sense of Normal (3D), 2019

Made in collaboration with Mila Gajiฤ‡ as a part of the Broaden Your Sense of Normal project
4k single channel video (3D Animation)



BYSoN(3D) features 2 main characters, Sh and SF. Sh being the eggplant-esque shaped character and Sf being the stick figure. The scenario revolves around a fictional school shooting that embodies the "ignore it and hope nothing happens" approach as seen in local and national levels in regards to gun violence in schools.

The animation shows 5 different perspectives: SF, Sh, the teacher, student #13, and the classroom security camera. The POV of the characters is from go pros placed on top of their heads, insinuating that there had been implementation of surveillance as a โ€œsafety precautionโ€ but even with the transparency of the impending violence, there is still no action to resolve. The animation depicts SF being fully aware as Sh pulls out a gun in the classroom as the teacher and fellow classmates run out. SF refuses to acknowledge that anything bad is happening and simply continues to smile even as Sh points the gun at their face.