A Desperate Ressurection of Childhood, 2018



me n my dad made a boat together when i was yunger from a diet coke 12 pack packaging. sum poopyhead threw it out :( so me and paw made anutha 1,,,,, but it dont mean as much as the OG :( fukin pepsi off brand shit

The boat: The boat is a recreation of a childhood boat built with the artist and their father. The artist’s father actively participated in the creation of the secondary boat in an attempt to assign a father-child preciousness. As the boat is inauthentic in its originality, it loses all personal value. Pathetic little boat. With the boat being worthless, the boat is set on fire as a metaphorical death of the original memory, deeming it unworthy of existing yet also paradoxically celebrating the memory by referencing the funeral practice of setting it out to sea.

The toys: The circle of toys surrounding the boat are found objects that relate to toys from the artist’s personal childhood but are not objects from their actual childhood. The disconnect between a personal relationship with the toys naturally presents a lack of value/attachment to the toys whilst still suggesting that there is a desperate attempt at creating value. The toys are tied to one another in a circle as a reference to a life preserver as if there is an attempt at saving the boat in the center of the circle / childhood memories. However, the circle does not attempt to preserve the physical boat - it simply contains the memories within its bounds. Some of the toys within the the ring itself were picked to sink overtime to further promote that these invaluable toys that are being assigned minimal importance will eventually drown in the pond - drowning in the void. fuckin worthless pieces of shit.