stick_tycoon.exe, 2019

4k video



The scene depicts these avatars in a Rollercoaster Tycoon inspired environment. The avatars seen were enjoying a nice afternoon in their amusement park until someone (the person running the supercomputer in which these stick figures exist in) decided to invade their space and induce chaos; paralleling with gameplay of Rollercoaster Tycoon in which players will construct roller coasters that are designed to crash. The stick figures being powerless to these changes, simply smile - accepting their impending doom. This power complex relates back to the idea of a tycoon itself as the virtual world is ruled by an entity that has absolute power.

Or perhaps as posthuman virtual world functions as an escape from physical reality, the stick figures are using amusement as an escape. Perhaps they’ve forgotten what it means to be alive? Their β€˜physical’ digitally rendered bodies being indestructible - finding amusement in pain (such as getting their chin popped, riding a rollercoaster into a pileup, or sitting inside of a plummeting train).